Scientific publications and research.

A Heuristic for Direct Product Graph Decomposition

L. Calderoni, L. Margara, M. Marzolla

August, 2023

Benchmarking Cloud Providers on Serverless IoT Back-End Infrastructures

L. Calderoni, D. Maio, L. Tullini

August, 2022

The impact of face image compression in future generation electronic identity documents

L. Calderoni, A. Magnani

March, 2022

Bloom filter variants for multiple sets: a comparative assessment

L. Calderoni, D. Maio, P. Palmieri

February, 2022

A Privacy-Aware Zero Interaction Smart Mobility System

S. Righini, L. Calderoni, D. Maio

January, 2022

Introduction to the special issue on privacy and security for location-based services and devices

L. Calderoni, P. Palmieri, C. Patsakis

June, 2021

Direct product primality test of graphs is GI-hard

L. Calderoni, L. Margara, M. Marzolla

March, 2021

Privacy preservation in outsourced mobility traces through compact data structures

L. Calderoni, S. Bandini, D. Maio

December, 2020

Forge-resistant radio-frequency identification tags for secure internet of things applications

L. Calderoni, D. Maio, L. Margara, L. Spadazzi

October, 2020

Lightweight Security Settings in RFID Technology for Smart Agri-Food Certification

L. Calderoni, D. Maio

September, 2020

Privacy threats in low-cost people counting devices

N. Maltoni, A. Magnani, L. Calderoni

August, 2020

Spatial bloom filter in named data networking: a memory efficient solution

F. Berto, L. Calderoni, M. Conti, E. Losiouk

March, 2020

IoT Manager: An open-source IoT framework for smart cities

L. Calderoni, A. Magnani, D. Maio

September, 2019

Preserving context security in AWS IoT Core

L. Calderoni

August, 2019

IoT Manager: a Case Study of the Design and Implementation of an Open Source IoT Platform

L. Calderoni, A. Magnani, D. Maio

April, 2019

Probabilistic Properties of the Spatial Bloom Filters and Their Relevance to Cryptographic Protocols

L. Calderoni, P. Palmieri, D. Maio

July, 2018

Ethics-aware data governance

L. Tanca et al.

June, 2018

Feather forking as a positive force: incentivising green energy production in a blockchain-based smart grid

A. Magnani, L. Calderoni, P. Palmieri

June, 2018

An Anonymous Inter-Network Routing Protocol for the Internet of Things

P. Palmieri, L. Calderoni, D. Maio

October, 2017

Private inter-network routing for Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things

P. Palmieri, L. Calderoni, D. Maio

May, 2017

Location privacy without mutual trust: the Spatial Bloom Filter

L. Calderoni, P. Palmieri, D. Maio

September, 2015

Distributed Smart City Services for Urban Ecosystems

L. Calderoni

June, 2015

Indoor localization in a hospital environment using Random Forest classifiers

L. Calderoni, M. Ferrara, A. Franco, D. Maio

January, 2015

Spatial Bloom Filters: Enabling Privacy in Location-aware Applications

P. Palmieri, L. Calderoni, D. Maio

December, 2014

From Sensing to Action: Quick and Reliable Access to Information in Cities Vulnerable to Heavy Rain

S. Gaitan, L. Calderoni, P. Palmieri, M.t. Veldhuis, D. Maio, M.B. van Riemsdijk

December, 2014

Passengers information in public transport and privacy: Can anonymous tickets prevent tracking?

G. Avoine, L. Calderoni, J. Delvaux, D. Maio, P. Palmieri

October, 2014

Cloning and Tampering Threats in e-Passports

L. Calderoni, D. Maio

September, 2014

Deploying a Network of Smart Cameras for Traffic Monitoring on a "City Kernel"

L. Calderoni, D. Maio, S. Rovis

February, 2014

Location-aware Mobile Services for a Smart City: Design, Implementation and Deployment

L. Calderoni, D. Maio, P. Palmieri

December, 2012